How it all started...

Luke: The first time I met Tina I was at a barbeque with my cousin. I don't think we actually talked, but I remember thinking to myself, "who is the cute girl".

Tina: I thought he was stuck-up because he was good-looking, wearing a tight shirt that showed off his muscles and he acted like he was too good to talk to anyone there.

Luke: It wasn't until almost a year later while fishing with my cousin that I saw Tina again. She was just as beautiful as I remembered. I went fishing a lot that summer, always with the hopes of seeing her and I often did.

Tina: I love fishing too but the main reason I went that summer was so I could see Luke.

Luke: After a couple of months I finally gathered enough courage to talk to her.

Tina: It seriously DID take months. I would start taking to him every chance I got but he wouldn’t really say anything back so I figured he didn’t like me at all.

Luke: I wasn't quit sure what to say, but somehow I managed. Later that night, we all went out to eat. I ended up sitting across from Tina when I noticed she was looking at me. I didn't know what to do. I thought to myself, should I look away, but something told me not to. As we stared at each other, I was mesmerized by her. I left that night in love.

Tina: He is so sweet.

Luke: After a week had passed I was getting desperate to have some sort of contact with Tina, so I decided to send her a text message. Knowing that Tina was majoring in horticulture I made up an excuse and asked her advice on house plants for my apartment.

Tina: He is such a dork sometimes. I thought he was asking me for advice so he could get some other girl some plants.

Luke: I was surprised to get an immediate response and we then made plans to get together. Several days later after we went 4-wheeling with my cousin, I volunteered to drive Tina home. Once we got to her house I went around the car to open the door for her and she gave me hug like I’ve never been hugged before.

Tina: The way I remember it, he hugged me first.

Luke: I walked her up to the door when I decided to kiss her.

Tina: I was definitely not expecting that. I thought he was going to hug me again. But hey, I'm not complaining.

Luke: After that we must have spent every day together up until the day she had to leave for school.

Tina: I had enrolled in a semester travel study program through the university and was flying out a month after he first kissed me. I had a great time that semester but I missed Luke so much. It was definately the longest four months of my life. I knew that he was the person I wanted to spend eternity with.

Luke: While she was gone we wrote each other and talked on the phone everyday for hours. We were married several months after she returned home and have loved every moment since.

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