More About Claire

This little girl has made us so completely happy. She is so full of energy and loves being the center of attention. She loves to tease and be teased.

Claire loves to go to the park, play on the swings in the backyard, sing songs, ride her bike, and absolutely loves swimming. She is on the go all day long and the only time she sits still is when we are reading books to her. She loves books and when we aren't reading to her, she will try to read them to herself. She doesn't care much for toys but will carry her books around the house all day long. Claire also loves having her nails painted and getting all dressed up but she isn't afraid to get dirty at all. She can spot a mud puddle from a mile away and is instantly drawn to it.

Our little sweetheart is the biggest help there is.  Claire loves to help cook, clean, do laundry, water the garden, and basically help with any project that Luke and I are working on.

Claire is looking forward to getting a brother or sister to play with. Which one...well that depends on the day. Some days it is a brother she wants and other days it is a sister. Everyday when we say prayers she is praying for a sibling to join our family....and so are we.